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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 2, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the friday night commute on b.a.r.t. as people head home. everyone is wondering if the trains will be running on monday morning. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> an i'm frank somerville. our count down clock tells the story. they started with a 30 day window now b.a.r.t. and the union has one day, two hours to avoid a strike. jana katsuyama spent tonight's commute with b.a.r.t. passengers wondering what wil happen when to work
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on monday. we begin with the latest on the negotiations. deborah villalon heard from both sides. she's live in oakland and tells us the talks have now ended for this evening. >> reporter: burning the midnight oil? not. they were done before dark. they put in eight hours, some talks but they still don't see eye to eye. >> my objective is to try to settle the b.a.r.t. contract. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. negotiator not often seen or heard is now the face of this conflict. unions say if they resume their talks monday, it'll be because he put a chill on the entire team. >> they would like to talk more but when he's in the room
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they've stated they're not free to express theiropinion. >> we're far apart on pensions and we're far apart on medical. >> reporter: far, they got a game plan from them. she proceeded to stand by hawk. >> tom hawk is our negotiator, has been, will be. i don't tell the unions who to hire. they're not telling me who to hire. >> reporter: but she also call it is union great partners. >> they're really great people. i love them and this is a process that happens every four years. i'm sorry that it's disruptive to the bay area. >> that's very nice. she should show that to the workers of the bay area. >> reporter: tim is a negotiator and says workers want to keep trains running and feel a sense of urgency but b.a.r.t.'s team wanted to spend the rest of the evening at headquarters revuing where they stand. >> if you spoke to mr. hawk, that means he left before i
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did. >> reporter: 10:00 tomorrow morning talks resume. to go any where, it seems simple. workers will have to take less, b.a.r.t. will have to give more. that spirit of compromise has yet to surface. reporting live in oakland, deborah villalon, ktvu news. ed lee is urging both sides in the labor dispute to put commuters first. >> b.a.r.t. management and b.a.r.t. labor me negotiators have to negotiate to an agreement not to a standstill. it is no longer a matter of inconvenience to the ridership. it is hardship. >> mayor lee says people are often asking him to take a stand. he said last month's strike caused millions in productivity. if there is a strike next week, caltrans plans to extend the hours for car pool lane
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restrictions along interstate 880 heading up to the bridge instead of enforcing the hov lanes for two hours, restrictions will remain in place all day. commute concerns are growing tonight. many people left their jobs today not knowing how they will get to work monday morning. jana katsuyama road along on b.a.r.t. during the evening commute. and joins us with riders plans and perspectives, jana. >> reporter: many people who were leaving the city tonight tell me that they were worried and that they're already stressed about this possible strike. >> don't forget about b.a.r.t. strike next week. >> reporter: javier from 411 handed out fliers about the strike. the strike talk is a familiar tune. during the fourth of july holiday weekend riders in the l
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talks stalled and trained stopped. a stressful situation that many drivers don't want to receive. >> a little frustrated and unease sir whether i'm coming to work on monday because of all the craziness or what. >> reporter: other drivers sayings plan b will include buses, but this rider says that last month it doubled his commute. >> took an hour, hour 15 to two hours. >> reporter: others are going with casual car pools. hoping to catch a ride with others who will be able to ease through the hov. then there's the third plan, driving yourself to work. >> it was horrible. we're talking almost two hours. >> reporter: for those able to
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opt for plan e, work from home the stress might be minimized but many commuters are giving both sides of this an f. >> i don't know who to blame one side or the other. but as a professional negotiator, i can tell you, they can probably figure it out it just takes someoning. >> reporter: if there's a strike on monday they're expecting it to be much worse than the last strike which fell on a holiday. more details now, in the event of a strike b.a.r.t. is planning to run three shuttles. el cerrito, walnut creek, and concord. and at the bay bridge caltrans plans to restrict the west ground avenue onramp for buses, car pools and commercial buses
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only. those hov lanes will encourage people to ride a bus or telecommute. we're asking who you think is more responsible for b.a.r.t. contract strike. 35% are blaming b.a.r.t. management. 53% say it's the unions, 22% say both are to blame. go to our facebook page, save your vote and tell us what you think in the comments section. if there is a strike head to we posted information on alternatives to b.a.r.t. you will also find live drive time traffic, all of it on tonight at 10:30, navigating a casual car pool line and the safety precautions you may want to take before you step into a stranger's car. the story of one man who is
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unsure of how he's going to get to a crucial medical appointment on monday. an overseas travel alert for americans tonight as a u.s. state department warns of possible terrorist attacks. officials are shutting down two -- 22 u.s. consulates and embassies. amber lee is live at the airport, you've been talking to people heading over seas. >> reporter: that's right, we've been talking to passengers who tell us they're aware of the concerns but plan to continue with their travel plans. the travel warning comes during the busiest time for international travel here at sfo. passengers tell us they're always alert. >> we're pretty cautious here and so we're just cautious wherever we are. >> her husband are flying
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tonight. the state department issued this statement. u.s. passengers are reminded of the potential for terrorism. this man from salinas are flying to athens. >> how would you be safe? >> be aware of your surroundings. >> it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: we spoke to congressman honda who flew back to the united states for recess. >> we should take it seriously. i don't think they would have us close so many embassies without any information. we want to be sensitive to it and make sure that our people are safe. >> it's just a drag isn't it. it's terrible that people can't leave well enough alone especially in the middle east. >> reporter: beckytaylor says she recently enrolled in the
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state department's step program. that is supposed to make it easier for the embassies to get in contact with travelers in case of an energy. >> - - emergencies. >> i just wanted to make sure i made it easier for me. >> reporter: amber lee, ktvu news. two men from lake county accused of keeping a teenage girl as a sex slave and forcing her to help grow marijuana are accused of growing 1,000 marijuana plants and abusing a 15-year-old run away from los angeles. according to the girl, the men actually kept her in a metal tool box about 4 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet. on two occasions she was forced to stay in that box for as long as three days at a time when not helping the men process the
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marijuana. both men could face life in prison. allegedly sparked a fire that cost $200,000 in damage to a hayward apartment carport. a neighbor took this picture, you see the towering flames. crews got the fire out quickly and no one was hurt until it seems someone decided to take out their anger on the man suspected of starting this fire. >> it's in my eye. >> what happened there? >> that happened after the fire was already being put out. they decided it was my fault. >> reporter: the unidentified man was taken to the hospital for treatment. they say police are investigating and expect to file charges. oakland police are searching for clues in the killing of a man from west oakland. it happened on the intersection of tenth street. officers arrived and found a body right there on the
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sidewalk. at this point, police haven't released much information but witnesses at the scene told us the victim was a male and judging from the trail of bullet casings down the block. they say he was apparently shot to death after the gunman chased him down the street. in hayward tonight it was an evening of beautiful music played by some very talented young musicians. the annual jenny lynn was held in honor of jenny lin. she was killed in her castro home. her murder remains unsolved. riding with strangers in a casual car pool. it may be your best option to get around if b.a.r.t. shuts down. >> i will have to put some thought into the safety. >> we'll show you new ways to ease the traffic concern. >> and up next, this encampment
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is part of a rescue mission to save a postoffice. why time may be running out to get the job done.
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new video out of san francisco are the bomb squad gave the all clear within the hour after a suspicious device spotted in the tenderloin neighborhood. officials issued a shelter in place order about 7:30 this evening. traffic had to be rerouted around the area while investigators determined if the cylindrical device was danger.
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officials deemed the device harmless and reopened the street and lifted the shelter in place. a postoffice protest is growing tonight in the form of a camp out has prompted the attention of police. amber lee is live where they told you they're not packing up any time soon. >> reporter: the protesters called this the berkeley postoffice defense. but the postal inspector calls it illegal. >> reporter: it's movie night at the berkeley postoffice. those who camp on the postoffice steps for their cause aren't exactly mailing it in. >> well sometimes my back getting out of the tent gives me a little twinge. >> reporter: former letter carrier welsh has been liveing in this tent for a week. it's his way of trying to keep the postal service from selling the historic berkeley postoffice. >> we feel we had to do something more dramatic to call attention to this situation. >> reporter: tonight uniformed
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postal inspectors are watching over campers who have been told it's time to pull up stake. >> one gentleman was asking me and wanted to know at what point the violation was taking place and i said well now. >> reporter: the encampment went up after a rally last saturday with just two tents that's now grown to ten. the postal inspector said he gave a warning but no time to leave. >> we can site people, but that's not our intent. >> we see no reason why they should evict us from this. >> would you get arrested if that what it comes to? >> some are planning to stay regardless of whatever. >> reporter: you get the feeling that this crowd is here to watch the credits roll. inspector directors dropped off this list of rules and asked everyone to leave. it doesn't plan like anybody is planning to leave. there's no word when the postal
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director is planning to move to move them all out. the u.s. supreme court refused to stay a federal order to set free 10,000 inmates before the end of the year. governor jerry brown had appealed the order he says the state is making progress to ease overcrowding and increase medical care. and he says releasing more inmates could threaten public safety. a silican valley engineer convicted in a triple homicide case will spend the rest of his life in prison. 52-year-old woo was sentenced today to life in prison plus 75 years for the shooting deaths of three of his employers. in 2008, he was fired from a santa clara high tech company later that day he shot and killed his three superiors. he was found guilty of the murders earlier this year.
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a bay area metal recycler was asked to sell a fine. prosecutors from contra costa and san francisco county joined forces in the investigation. they say metal thefts have skyrocketed with thieves targeting b.a.r.t., pg & e even foreclosed homes. so they sent investigators out to recyclers. >> seven of 10 recyclers bought those items. >> this is a problem for us, economical problem. >> reporter: the metal recyclers investigation is still ongoing. the city of richmond filed a lawsuit against chevron blaming last year's massive fire at the richmond refinery on neglect, lack of oversite and corporate indifference. john fowler tells me the anniversary of that explosion and fire is just 10 days away. >> reporter: just blocks from
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the refinery, memories are fresh. >> i can see it black smoke instantly and spreading. >> coughing, i think everybody got that. coughing, probably chest pain. >> it made me nauseous then i started having throat irritation. >> reporter: lamar gray one of 15,000 people who sought medical help that the city today blamed on chevron's systemic negligence. >> this is about a change in chevron's corporate culture to play safety of the community as a top priority. >> when you have a company that is engaged in a repeated pattern of the same kinds of incidents occurring and reoccurring. >> reporter: the suit claims chevron knew for 40 years about serious problems and failed to correct them. causing damage to property value, loss of use and fears of toxic chemicals.
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chevron called the suit meritness, he wants chevron held accountable. >> chevron has been doing this long enough to have their game down. >> reporter: the city did not set a dollar amount instead asking a jury to determine damages. lawyers say it could be 18 months before this case comes to trial. in richmond, health and science editor john fowler, ktvu news. more details now, a march and rally is planned now. they plan to start at noon tomorrow at the richmond b.a.r.t. station. protesters then plan to walk about 3 miles to the chevron refinery. great weather in store. for your sunday only subtle changes in store.
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we get started tomorrow morning. the partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy along the coast and just inside the bay. widespread 50s in the forecast. the 55 for concord, 54 san francisco. i can tell you these numbers a lot like what we had this morning for the afternoon a lot like what we had this afternoon. 85 in concord for tomorrow, 80 degrees napa, 69 in oakland, 64 san francisco. so when i come back i'll take a broader look around at what you can expect and your sunday forecast. oakland city workers vote on a contract. in 10 minutes new details on a bug that sickened people. the conditions they will endure to make sure these rods are safe.
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caltrans today began full scale testing on bolts removed from the east bay bridge. investigators hope this testing will give them an idea of how long the bolts will last. caltrans wants to estimate that the bolts will last 100 years or so. >> as you load it, you will see how much tension it is going to take to break if it's going to break and what you want to do in the future. oakland city workers tonight voted overwhelmingly to approve a new labor contract. the new contract covers more than 2,500 city workers and
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housing inspectors. oakland city workers and council members reached a contract agreement in mid-july after employees staged a one day strike. labor talks continue between ac transit and its unions. there's a closed door bargaining council. their contract with ac transit expired at the end of june. >> about 100 japanese teenagers who survived the earthquake and tsunami are in the bay area for a three day program. it's a program that's designed to enhance leadership skills, and john sasaki reports on how the program is helping the teens get past all the trauma they suffered. >> reporter: international students are common at uc berkeley but now 100 high school students from japan's tsunami zone are studying here. the march 2011 tsunami left 19,000 people dead or missing. this girl lost her mother, that's her in the blue.
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she was amazed with how the community supported her. >> she was just so moved and touched with kindness and she wants to do something in return. >> reporter: this boy had to abandon his home because of radiation near the fukishima plant. >> because this is not where i live i can see my hometown from a teus -- distance and that gives me a different perspective. >> reporter: the children learn leadership. >> instead of making them feel disimpowered, somehow its making them the feel power. >> reporter: the students say this experience is helping them recover from the devastation. this 16-year-old lost her cousin. >> when the thing was actually happening, passed away. so she wants to be able to do
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something that's good. >> reporter: the instructors appreciate the chance to help these young people. >> my job is to transform their lives but actually they're transforming mine. >> reporter: the students will present to city officials next week and then they will head home. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. here's a wrap to celebrate the hometown team. >> long lines at the casual car pool locations will only get longer if there's another b.a.r.t. strike. what you can do if you're nervous about getting in a car with a stranger.
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continuing coverage now with the count down to b.a.r.t. strike count down. just two days, one hour and 30
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minutes left. officials are asking riders to look into car pooling. cara liu has the ins and outs of casual car pools and ways to ease any safety concerns people may have. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. averages 30,000 passengers a day. the metropolitan commission is pushing car pooling. >> it saves a lot of money. >> reporter: tim duncan has been going to car pooling locations. >> at first it's scary, bring along a friend or someone that does it. as you go on it, it's fine. everybody has one goal, get to work. >> reporter: while the idea of catching a ride with strangers makes some nervous. >> i would have to put some thought into the safety. >> reporter: advocates say you can take a picture of the folks
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in the car or the license plate and send it to a friend. live on helps organize normal car pools. >> there's an online ride matching tool to find people with near by trip origin, near by destinations. >> reporter: and c.a.r.m.a. offers an app linking drivers and riders who set up proviles allowing them to vet each other ahead of time. >> it has the ratings from previous trips. it helps them make verifications they made. have they verified their e- mail, their phone number, have they set up a facebook account. >> reporter: they'll go all day from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in san francisco, cara liu, ktvu news. new information tonight about that nasty stomach bug that has made more than 400 people sick in 16 states.
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it is now been linked to salad mix served at olive garden and red lobster restaurants. federal health fishes say they've traced the outbreak of the illnesses in iowa and nebraska to a farm in mexico. that farm supplies prepackaged salad mix to the two restaurants. the food and drug administration today released government standards about labeling of food as gluten free. under the new rules, foods labeled gluten free must contain more than 20 parts per million. a man accused of bailing out on a $100 bar tab is brought to justice by the long arm of social media. sals hanognan was arrested after a photo of him went
10:33 pm
viral. the pub posted this picture, it was taken by the bar after he walked out without paying his bill. police have arrested him. his search of records turned out evidence of child abuse or alcohol related offenses. chuck hagel ordered the records of recruiters, counselors or drill sergeants to be investigated. it's unclear if the personnel have been discharged or if they're going to be reassigned to other duties the justice department says it wants to expand restrictions on i tunes following a ruling on apple in a price fixing case. last month a federal judge found that apple colluded with five major advocates. they want to restrict apple's ability to contract with music,
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movie and other providers including book publishers. in news of the world, violence broke out in parliament. the melee was sparked by the question of whether or not to build another nuclear power. the island nation already has three nuclear power plants. >> today police unleashed a barrage of tear gas threatening a tv protest. things were peaceful until police moved in. 23 people were injured. authorities outlined plans to break up two long night sit ins. in bangladesh today thousands gathered to remember the workers killed in a garment plant. more than 1,100 people died when the building gave way. protesters are demanding that they be allowed to build a
10:35 pm
memorial at the site. investigators have released two surveillance photos tonight, they're hoping they will help people identify a bank robber. the marin county sheriff's department says the man wearing the nit cap robbed the tiburon city bank branch in mill valley this morning. he's described at under 6 feet tall, possibly in his 50s. in addition to the nit cap he was wearing a long hooded jacket, dark framed glasses, black boots and black gloves. a bay area team inched one step closer to the little league world series. a crowd gathered at carmont high school to watch the national televised game. we asked one of the young players watching the game to
10:36 pm
describe what he thinks it would feel like to one day play in the little league world series. >> it would be one of the funnest experiences in our lives probably. >> fans were not disappointed. belmont postoak won tonight's game. the next game is scheduled for sunday against a team from hawaii. >> all righty,. a a b.a.r.t. strike looming and it's not just commuters on the line. >> in eight minutes how a strike could impact one man's crucial medical appointment. >> meteorologist rosemary orozco is updating our weekend weather. >> and how new unemployment
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numbers did not disappointment.
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the federal government reports that the nation's unemployment rate fell in july on modest job growth. it's not all good news, thousands of people have essentially giving up looking for work. >> the labor department says more americans are finding work as employers added 162,000 jobs last month. that was enough to lower the
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overall unemployment rate from 7.6% to 7.4%. the lowest in 4-1/2 years. >> i think what we see is a continuation of pattern of the economy's moving in the right direction. >> reporter: there are down sides. the jobs gained in july were the fewest since march and were mostly in low paying industries like retail and restaurants. the numbers were also revised downward. >> in a really robust recovery you would see income growing, employment growing, people joining the labor force. what we get instead are good news-bad news reports month after month. >> reporter: wall street reacted to the mixed messages as stocks opened slightly lower. wall street insists the message is clear. john boehner is saying we're still seeing the same thing month after month. and a far lower rate than
10:41 pm
promised. a decision that affects long term interest rates. the fed will be getting everyone more attention as president obama narrows his choice for a new fed chairman. ben bernanke's term ends in january. craig boswell, fox news. wall street managed to closed in positive numbers. the nasdaq added 13 points. thousands of people collecting unemployment here in california are still waiting for their weekly check because of a computer glitch. many are angry and are making their feelings known at the website of the state department. the problem began last weekend when the add upgraded its computer software. about 6,000 people still have not received their check. the add hopes to fix the problem and sent out the checks next week.
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a menlo park warehouse holds some of the backpack that is the family giving tree organization hopes to hand out this year. levin is a volunteer hoping to make sure they're stocked with supplies. >> some kids are just not as fortunate and they help them so that we help them. >> buying school supplies is not even on their list. >> reporter: the backpacks are to be distributed to 150 bay area high schools and the family giving tree says it is still receiving donations of backpacks and cash. a hawaiian vacation ruined by a shark attack. her frightening experience. >> and up next -- >> on monday my husband has to receive some chemotherapy. >> the impact a b.a.r.t. strike could have on doctors and their patients.
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continuing coverage now and another look at our b.a.r.t. deadline clock. we're counting down to two days, one hour 15 minutes before b.a.r.t. workers could walk off the job. and the b.a.r.t. strike threat is per happen it is most serious for those who have -- perhaps is the most serious for those who have to go to doctors appointments. >> reporter: for denise marks a b.a.r.t. strike would be more than just an inconvenience. >> it just upsets. >> reporter: >> reporter: her husband joe has liver cancer, on monday he's scheduled to have chemotherapy. the problem is the marks live in concord and the treat is at uc san francisco and they have to be there by 9:00 a.m. a b.a.r.t. strike would most certainly make the commute a nightmare for a couple that already has enough on their plate. >> you're already feeling anxious and scared and it adds to the whole thing. >> reporter: for the marks all this would be deja vu.
10:46 pm
joe's last chemotherapy occurred during the b.a.r.t. strike in july and the drive took four hours. >> we're supposed to check in at 9:00 so we will probably leave about 4:30, maybe 4:15 in the morning to get there. >> reporter: for a 9:00 appointment. >> yes, right. >> reporter: that's usually if you would go to tahoe. >> that's what i was telling him. >> reporter: but the patients worry, so do the medical authorities. the man in charge of center rides b.a.r.t. that will soon change. >> i have to leave here early to catch a shuttle. i'm not sure if i'm going take a bus or a boat over. >> reporter: cpmc says if there is a strike no patient will be turned away if they're late for an appointment because they had trouble getting here. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news.
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stay with ktvu for continuing coverage and if there's a strike the ktvu morning team will bring you the very latest a half hour early. instead of laying on a beach in hawaii, a retired teacher is laying in the hospital. >> it was probably about a 25 feet shark. >> reporter: 56-year-old evonne cashman says she was snorkeling in about 10 feet of water. she received a wound from the middle of her spain -- spine to her neck. u.s. fish and wildlife officials have confirmed large sturgeon some measuring as long as 10 feet are spawning.
10:48 pm
fishermen say they've seen the fish in recent years but their presence hasn't been confirmed until now. sturgeon are usually seen in the bay. -z facebook stock closed today at $38.05. that's 5-cents more than it -- shares fell $17.55. the music festival outside lands is said to host its first ever 24 hour hackathon. the event takes off early tomorrow morning. about 200 developers and designers will pair up in teams and compete to create an app that compliments the three day music festival. a winner will be announced on august 7 and that person will get to test out their app at
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this year's event. great weather in store for your weekend especially if you like what we've had recently. because we have more of the same coming for saturday and sunday. right now outside our doors partly cloudy skies and temperatures slipping into the mid-50s in and around half-moon bay, san francisco, low 60s. concord, livermore, 53 in fairfield. some of our inland locations warmed up a few degrees over yesterday's highs in any case we're right about where we should be with seasonal temperatures in and around the area. the on shore breeze through fairfield, 22 miles per hour. concord reporting a southerly breeze to 13 miles per hour. the low clouds hugging the coastline the entire day and now moving back across the bay. you can see here and into portions of the oakland, hayward reporting partly and mostly cloudy skies. partly cloudy skies, patchy fog and then before the afternoon we'll be mostly sunny once again. we remain locked in this
10:50 pm
pattern. hopefully you're enjoying it. the rich -- ridge of high pressure to the northover us. that -- north of us. cloudy conditions along the coast. sunday looks a lot like saturday. maybe just a few degrees cooler. eventually this system here is going to work its way a little bit close tore the coast. monday it looks like we may see temperatures fall off a few degrees. as we get started tomorrow morning, 50s in the forecast. 56 for oakland. 54 for san francisco. 54 for fremont for the inland more of the same. 55 in antioch. 55 for fairfield, low 50s expected outside your doors. santa rosa, napa. the afternoon highs for tomorrow upper 70s to low 80s around napa. sonoma, 80 degrees novato. a nice day for -- 69 for oakland. 72 for castro valley. the further inland you go the
10:51 pm
warmer you will be. into the south bay, 77 santa clara. just a good looking forecast in most cases. along the peninsula a nice day. upper 70s for palo alto. 64 in the city of san francisco for tomorrow afternoon. your extended forecast here as i mentioned a moment ago we're going to see just little change we get into sunday, monday slightly cooler. temperatures warm up slightly tuesday, wednesday, over all the pattern looking quite nice as you can see with your weekend in view and beyond. temperatures right about where they should be for this time of year. >> thank you rosemary. mark is off tonight. fred is here. a full house in the oakland coliseum. this is going to be a big weekend in the coliseum. you bet. the oakland a's remember woke up tuesday morning with a six game lead. here it is friday night and that leaves the lead cut to five. we still have the pennant race.
10:52 pm
they're still running around the coliseum. rangers in town for the weekend. rangers pitcher alexi ogando walks two. rangers tie it in the top of the second. tommy malone pitches. cruz will probably draw a 50 game suspension in a few days but it doesn't help the a's tonight. 20-year-old profar grips and rips a new. the giants had a miserable july going just eight and 17. august is a new month and they're undefeated. it's just two days into it. this little guy was not even born when they went into interleague play that was just in 2004. one run, strikes out 11 rays in
10:53 pm
7 innings. baumgartner is the new a's. brandon belt breaks out of his extended slump. that was a double shy of the cycle in this triple sends hunter pence home. belt three for four with two run batted in. then there was the other brandon. brandon crawford up up and away. two run pop, second homer in the last three games. giants win their third straight 4-1 is their final. giants stay in the last place in the nl west. coming up 49ers add to their receiving core and tiger trys to add to his legacy. he shoots for the illusive 59, we'll see if he makes it. ♪
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49ers knew one of the marks will be the receiving core. so today they went shopping. signed former indianapolis colt because of the knee injury and a series of concussions. they think he's recovered from both of those issues. former cal receiver lavell hawkins today signed to a one year deal. hawkins was a fourth round pick. he has a one career touchdown. he was in new england camp and
10:57 pm
was released two weeks ago. tiger started two shots back. now has a 7-shot lead. this is up 25-foot par saver on 18. he likes it. tiger is in great position to win for the eighth time at this firestone country club and that is sports as we see it this friday night. >> tiger woods on fire. >> you bet. >> all right, thanks fred. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> mornings on 2 starts at 7:00 tomorrow morning with the very latest on b.a.r.t. and this weekend's effort to avoid a strike. more developments to come tomorrow morning.
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all right, what theater do you want to go to tonight? we got 61st and 3rd or 84th and broadway. which one do you want to go to, shmoopy? you called me shmoopy. you're shmoopy. you're shmoopy. you're shmoopy. you're shmoopy. all right, shmoopies, what's it going to be? pick a theater. uh, 3rd avenue. you going to lunch at the soup place? no. i'll meet here for the movie. hey. hi, elaine. hi, sheila. all right, then, i'll see you later. bye, shmoopy. bye, shmoopy. ok, we ready to go? yes, please. please, let's go. i want a cheeseburger.


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